Vision and Goals


“Public control and low rates for Prince Rupert utilities.”

People for Public Infrastructure is a grassroots community group of Prince Rupert residents working together to ensure that the city’s public water and sewer system remain publicly governed, publicly owned, publicly controlled, publicly operated, publicly maintained, and publicly financed.

A public utility system is one governed directly by the city, within the municipality itself. This puts our city’s elected representatives in direct control and oversight of the system and results in local control over our infrastructure, reduced costs of operation, and lower fees for residents and businesses.


  • Ensure that residents and businesses have a voice in the process of deciding how the city will govern and run our public utilities system.
  • Ensure that alternatives to privatization are considered and that this be an open process.
  • Keep utility prices as low as possible and ensure that local governance and control is maintained over the public utility system.

(Revised Nov. 24, 2022)

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