News – People for Public Infrastructure to Present to City Council on Nov. 21st

The City of Prince Rupert released a Memorandum to Council today that provided more details on its plans to privatize Prince Rupert’s public water system and, possibly, its public sewer system.

The Memorandum mentions a directive made by the city council earlier in the year that directs staff to move forward on plans for a municipality-controlled corporation to take over and run the city’s public water system, and possibly its public sewer system, in partnership with a private company.

This announcement raises many questions, including:

  • When was this directive made? Who developed the plan? Who was the last to know?
  • How developed is the plan – what details remain to be worked out?
  • Why form a municipality-controlled corporation? What risks does this create? Will this reduce oversight and local control over the water and sewer system?
  • Can this municipality-controlled corporation make profits and can it be sold in the future?
  • How will the private partner benefit? What returns on their investment are expected and how will this affect the rates paid by city residents and businesses for water and sewer services?
  • How would disputes between the City, the municipality-controlled corporation, and private partners be resolved (including disputes over financing, operation, rates, etc.)?

Memorandum to Council:

People for Public Infrastructure Response to the City’s Plan:

Update (Nov. 20, 2022 at 10:19 AM) – Click here to see the timeline of the People for Public Infrastructure’s founding.